Privacy Policy

On this site you can create a profile of yourself, and look at other profiles and you can send messages to each other. In this Privacy Policy DatingLeads B.V. will explain which personal data we will collect and store and for what purpose.

User published data

Users publish personal data on this site on their on behalf, such data can be published in, but not limited to, chats, profiles, images, videos. Users are therefore accountable for their own actions, and personal data which they share. DatingLeads B.V. therefor can not be held accountable for data shared by user and will not verify personal data shared by users, DatingLeads B.V. will only act if there are any complaints.

User needs to take into account that data published by user on their profile page is visible for everyone. Furthermore published data can be saved and showed somewhere else, including search engines. DatingLeads B.V. has no power over this and advises you to be careful with sharing private data on your profile.

If User publishes personal data such as telephone numbers or email addresses, or if User contacts other users not via this website, DatingLeads B.V. can not guarantee User’s privacy nor that of User’s data. DatingLeads B.V. will not check your published data for personal data such as email addresses or telephone numbers.

Processing by DatingLeads B.V.

DatingLeads B.V. saves and stores data submitted by users. Data which is no longer relevant shall be deleted. If User wishes so, User can inspect his data or ask for It to be deleted or altered. If this is desired User should contact DatingLeads B.V..

Every visit to this website shall be recorded, the pages visited, the data shared, when Users visits this website and for how long. These logs shall be coupled to your personal account. DatingLeads B.V. keeps all logs and records for 12 months, after such period the data shall automatically be deleted.

DatingLeads B.V. uses this data for statistical analysis of User’s behavior on the website. This data, logs or records can be shared with third parties. DatingLeads B.V. shall do its utmost best to let the data, records or logs to be traceable to an individual User.

Furthermore, this website uses cookies to let users be able to log in. U can deny the usage of cookies however this will limit the functionality of the website.

DatingLeads B.V. shall not share personal data which is traceable to user personally, DatingLeads B.V. shall only do this if DatingLeads B.V. is required to do so by law, regulation or government order. DatingLeads B.V. shall take reasonable effort to safeguard User’s data and will take safety precautions. This however doesn’t change the fact that the published data is visible for other users or visitors.

User’s rights

User has the right to view, correct or change his personal data DatingLeads B.V. processes. User’s needs to contact DatingLeads B.V. for this.

Third parties

This privacy policy is not valid for third parties, or third parties website’s which are connected to this website via hyperlinks. DatingLeads B.V. can not garantuee that these third parties are reliable or safeguard your personal data.

Modifications Privacy Policy

DatingLeads B.V. has the right to modify this Privacy Policy at all times. DatingLeads B.V. recommends User to check this privacy policy in advance. Registered users shall receive a notification of any modification.